New Mac Malware Points to Return of Hacking Team

The controversial Italian intrusion and surveillance IT firm Hacking Team appears to be active again, according to security researchers who have identified a new kind of Mac malware. First submitted to the security analysis site VirusTotal on February 2, samples of the OS X malware reveal a number of hallmarks of Hacking Team code, said experts who have reviewed the code.

Founded by Italian programmers Alberto Ornaghi and Marco Valleri in 2003, Hacking Team has been widely criticized by privacy and civil rights advocates for selling its hacking and surveillance tools to governments with records of human rights abuses. The company was itself hacked in July, resulting in the release of 400 GB of e-mail conversations, internal files and source codes.

In a post yesterday on his Mac OS X security blog, SentinelOne senior researcher Pedro Vilaa said he analyzed a new sample of OS X malware code that uses “more or less the same techniques as older Hacking Team RCS [remote control systems] samples.” He added that reverse engineering the sample shows that the code dates to October or November of last year, indicating new activity by Hacking Team after its massive data breach last summer.

Malware First Went Undetected

Analysis of the sample code shows it is “a very fresh sample compared with what we got in the past, it is a sample created post July 2015 hack, and it’s using the same code base as before,” Vilaa said. “HackingTeam is still alive and kicking.”

”The company was founded on the premise that security provided by law enforcement is an essential right, just as privacy is,” Rabe said. “Hacking Team has paid dearly for taking that position. Well-publicized attacks against the company have been aimed apparently at destroying it.”

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Social Networking Articles | HubPages Technology

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11 Sites Like Facebook: Other Social Networking Sitesby Samuel4 months ago

Are you tired of using Facebook, or simply interested in what other social networks are available? There are many sites like Facebook that offer a variety of different features from the social giant

What Are the Effects of Social Media on Youth?by Nick McGillivray4 months ago

Today, society seems to be wrapped up tightly in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter but do we really know the ugly sides of sites like these?

10 shot glasses you can also eat

If youre a fan of fun shots, skip the shot glass cleaning all together at your next party by making edible glasses.

These shot glasses are generally simple to make at home. From cucumber cups to shot glasses made entirely out of Airheads, theres plenty of fun for any gathering.

1. Bacon Chocolate Shot Glass

Okay, this one is a big labor intensive, but it might actually be worth it. If you’re a bacon lover (and who isn’t?), all you need to make this salty treat even better is melted chocolate that acts a liner to make the glass watertight. After it’s cooled, it’s ready for a splash of your favorite booze.Head on over to Through The Eyes Of My Belly for instructions on how to create these bacon shot glasses.

(photo: Through The Eyes Of My Belly)

2. Milk and Cookie Shots

These chocolate chip cookie shot glasses from Dominique Ansel of Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City may be designed to be filled with cold milk, but you can easily replace that with a similarly boozy beverage, like Baileys Irish Cream or Adult Chocolate Milk.

3. Airhead Shot Glasses

Make your childhood Airheads candy part of your adult drinking with these Airhead shot glasses. These are easy to put together and filled with the booze of your choice, are the ultimate sweet and boozy treat that you can eat in its entirely.

4. Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots

Jello shots can get a little messy and annoying to eat when prepared in plastic or paper cups. Make your shot-taking experience more enjoyable by using real strawberries.

for a snack that is also boozy.

5. Jelly Shots

7. Mojito Shotsicles

Rather than make mojitos to pour into shot glasses, these mojito shotsicles from Luxirare combine mint, simple syrup, lime juice and seltzer water in the actual frozen shotglasses. Pour in rum, vodka or tequila as your liquor component after the molds are completely frozen, and enjoy.

8. Cherry Tomato and Cucumber Mint Shooters

Make shot glasses using tomato and cucumber cups to give your booze a bright, vegetal twist. If you decide to make a mixed shot to go in these cups, make sure the flavors in your recipe don’t conflict with these veggies.

Tomato and cucumber shooters


9. Toasted Marshmallow Shot Glasses

Food and cocktail blogger Cheri Alberts of The Watering Mouth came up with a recipe for shot glasses made with only toasted marshmallows and posted the step-by-step process in this YouTube video. While she says they only work about half the time, the times they do actually work will result in a delicious, ooey gooey and boozy snack.

10. Peppermint Shot Glasses

Because one type of edible shot glass is never enough, Cheri Alberts also takes the credit for these Peppermint shot glasses, made of melted down peppermint candies that she forms around the silhouette of an actual shot glass. Watch edible magic being made in her YouTube video here.

The brouhaha over Blackwing pencils

One man's quest to revive the Blackwing pencil touches off a storm of controversy.

All three versions of the Blackwing: the original Blackwing 602, CalCedar’s Palomino Blackwing (pointing right), and the new Palomino Blackwing 602 (with black erasers)

FORTUNE — Passions were running at their usual near-fever pitch in the pencil world earlier this year. wanted its readers to identify the pencil held by GM (GM, Fortune 500) designer Chuck Jordan in a picture that ran alongside his obituary. “Great designer, passing of an age, shall not see his like again, yes, yes, yes … But what’s that pencil he’s holding?” Over at, a reviewer appraised the latest specialty offering from General Pencil: “Fit and finish is decent. There are a few less-than-perfect ferrules with wood chips overlapping the edges but it’s minimal. I find the austere look very appealing.” A reviewer at was less forgiving of a mass-market model from Dixon Ticonderoga: “What I’ll say about these pencils is that friends shouldn’t let friends use the Dixon Economisers.”

It’s unusual for any consumer product to arouse such passion, let alone one that can cost less than 10. But then the wood-clinched, eraser-tipped graphite pencil has some extraordinary properties. It has outlasted the marker, typewriter, and dedicated word processor as a means of communication, and survived the arrival of the ballpoint, texting, and the iPad. On websites like Pencil Revolution and Pencil Grinder, enthusiasts obsess over fit and finish, the merits of presharpening, and the properties of erasers.

Some Timberline readers urged CalCedar to re-create a pencil with a distinctive, wide, adjustable eraser, the Blackwing 602. Introduced in the 1930s by Eberhard Faber, the Blackwing had attracted a cult following. A sleek-looking charcoal-gray pencil with a particularly soft lead and a unique eraser and ferrule (the crimped metal that holds the eraser), it was advertised as requiring only a fraction of the usual physical exertion to produce a mark. HALF THE EFFORT, TWICE THE SPEED was printed in gold letters on its side. The Blackwing counted among its users such writers and artists as John Steinbeck, Stephen Sondheim, and Chuck Jones.

The Blackwing survived a change in ownership when Faber-Castell USA bought Eberhard Faber in 1988, and again in 1994, when Faber-Castell was bought by Sanford Corp., a division of Newell-Rubbermaid (NWL, Fortune 500). But the machine that made the clips for the eraser ferrule had been broken for years and never fixed.

// the Blackwing stock became exhausted in 1998, Sanford decided that its low volume — only about 1,100 gross annually — made repair uneconomical. With that the Blackwing died. Almost immediately, scarcity created a rush of demand by collectors. By 2001, Blackwing pencils that had originally sold for 50 would change hands on eBay for up to $40.

When Berolzheimer learned that the Blackwing trademark had not been renewed, he claimed it for his new pencil. “Pure and simple, Blackwing is a great and iconic name among serious pencil fans,” he explained in “Timberlines.”